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Five Classic Racing Ferraris – Silverstone Classic

The Silverstone Classic meeting usually offers the Ferrari fanatic a bonanza of Maranello’s finest road and racing cars and I am sure this year’s Silver Jubilee edition of the event will be no different.

Ferrari 500 TRC, David and James Cottingham, Silverstone Classic

Among the myriad of Ferrari racers seen in recent years have been the Cottinghams Ferrari 500 TRC which finished 7th both at the 1957 Le Mans 24 hours and on the 1958 Targa Florio.

Ferrari 246 Dino, Tony Smith, Silverstone Classic,

Another regular competitor is Tony Smith’s 1958 Ferrari 246 Dino which counts among it’s former occupants Wolfgang von Trips, Oliver Gendebien, Dan Gurney and Phil Hill the latter drove the car to the last win for a front engined Grand Prix at Monza in 1960.

Ferrari 166/206, Harry Leventis,  Gregor Fisken, Silverstone Classic,

Ing. Forghieri, responsible for the design of Harry Leventis’s Ferrari 166/206, above, was never the cars biggest fan, once likening the design, in conversation with desginer Gordon Murray, as to sticky brown smelly stuff, however that did not prevent Ludovico Scarfiotti driving the car in an earlier form to claim the 1965 European Hillclimb Championship.

Ferrari 512M, Nathan Kinch, Silverstone Classic

Ferrari 512’s are not an uncommon sight at Silverstone Classic weekends, #1030 seen above with Scotsman Nathan Kinch at the wheel, was raced in S form in 1970 and M form in 1971 under the Ecurie Francorchamps banner but found it’s greatest success under JC Bamford’s ownership for whom Peter Brown, Willie Green and Neil Corner all drove it on various occasions to seven straight wins in it’s last seven races during 1972 six victories were claimed in the Motoring News GT Championship and the other in the Interserie race held at Silverstone.

Ferrari F40 LM, Stefano Sebastiani, Silverstone Classic,

Finally the Silver Jubilee edition of the Silverstone Classic will see the first race for GT cars from the 1990’s, above Stefano Sebastiani is seen about to put his 1989 F40 LM, a converted road car, through it’s paces during last years popular GT demonstration run.

Tickets for this years advance ticket only Silver Jubilee Silverstone Classic are available from this linked website.

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Classic Ferrari Racers – Silverstone Classic

Welcome to GALPOT’s Ferrari Friday blog coming from last weeks Silverstone Classic with six of the Maranello cars that appeared on track.

Ferrari 246 Dino, Tony Smith, Maserati Centenary Trophy, Silverstone Classic

Tony Smith drove his Ferrari 246 Dino to a 6th place finish in the Maserati Centenary Race for pre ’61 Grand Prix Cars.

Ferrari 246S, Bobby Verdon Roe, Stirling Moss Trophy, Silverstone Classic

Above Bobby Verdon-Roe exits the pits having just taken over the #46 Ferrari 246S from it’s owner Nick Leventis prior to finishing third in the Stirling Moss Trophy.

Ferrari 365 GTB/4, Tim Summers, Silverstone Classic

I first set eyes on Tim Summers #70 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 33 years ago at Silverstone. At the time I knew little about it other than it was apparently sponsored by the Swedish air force. Turns out that just like all the other competition Daytona’s it was converted from a road car but unlike most of the others this was not done until 1977 by Swede Ulf “Barbarossa” Bohman in Varberg. I look forward to writing a blog on the car in the not too distant future.

Ferrari 512M, Knapfield / Campbell Walker, Silverstone Classic

The sight and sound of Paul Knapfield making up for early lost time in his Ferrari 512M was breath taking the crisp 5 litre / 302 cui V12 has few audio challengers. After dropping from 5th in the opening laps to 18th Paul and FIA Endurance Champion co driver Jamie Campbell Walker climbed all the way back up to 8th at the end of the FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Race, two places better than the position in which they started.

Ferrari F40 LM R, Stephani Sebastiani, Silverstone Classic

On the 13th of November 2004 Stefano Sebastiani, Jacopo Sebastiani, and Richard Jones drove a UK road registered Ferrari F40, J 848 JUY, prepared by Simpson Engineering in the Vallelunga 6 Hours. I believe the car seen above may be that same car taking part in the GT demonstration. There is only one #10 car listed in the programme and that was a Marcos so I have no idea who was at the wheel of the F40.

Ferrari 550 Maranello, Silverstone Classic

Finally I believe the #10 Ferrari 550 Maranello above taking part in the same GT demonstration session might have been driven by Boris Derichebourg, David Terrien and Christian Pescatori in the FIA GT Championship race run in Barcelona on the 6th of June 2003, though if it is the same car it has gained a few vents in the bonnet/hood and rear wing/fender while loosing a brake cooling duct in front of the rear wheel.

If you know who was driving either the #10 F40 or #10 550 Maranello in the GT Demonstrations at Silverstone Classic please do not hesitate to chip in below.

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Big John’s Return – Ferrari 512M

Today’s featured Ferrari is a 512M replica of the type that I looked at last June.

Ferrari 512M, Siverstone Classic

My research indicates this car appears to be one of at least 2 replica’s built by Bob Houghton in the UK around 1990.

While I was looking into the history of todays featured car I was surprised to learn that 1964 World Champion ‘Big’ John Surtess drove a Ferrari 512S, chassis #1038, in a little remembered return to the Ferrari fold, with Jacky Ickx to finish 2nd in 1970 Spa 1000 kms behind the Porsche 917 driven by Jo Siffert and Brian Redman.

Surtees who became World Champion, driving for Ferrari in 1964, walked out on the team at Le Mans in 1966 after a disagreement over driver arrangements for the 24 hour classic. In the process Surtees threw away a good shot at the 1966 World Championship in which he eventually finished 2nd despite driving an unfancied and unreliable Cooper Maserati for the balance of the 1966 season which had started well with a win for Ferrari in the 1966 Belgian Grand Prix.

Jacky Ickx again drove chassis #1038 on it’s second and final outing at Le Mans in 1970 sharing with Peter Schetty. A single accident in the rain had eliminated four other Ferrari 512S’s and a fifth had dropped out soon after the start. Ickx was in 6th place four hours after the start of the race and climbed all the way up to second around midnight before skidding off at the Ford Chicane killing one marshal injuring a second and writing off the car which was never to be seen again.

Thanks for joining me on this “Big John’s Return” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !

PS 18 08 12 Thanks to Tim Murray for pointing out that John Surtees won the Belgian Grand Prix driving a Ferrari 1966 not the Monaco Grand Prix as originally stated.


Hill Climbing “Pam” – Ferrari 512M #1024

Old racing cars do not die, they just get harder to identify, a case in point is the Ferrari 512M which is painted in the colours of the Ecurie Fillipinetti racing team.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

Thanks to Aardy at FerrariChat this vehicle has been identified as chassis #1024, a vehicle that was built in 512S guise, then before it ever turned a wheel in anger got upgraded for the 1971 season to 512M specification, distinguishable by less rounded body panels and the winglets hanging on either side of the tail.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

25 Ferrari 512’s were built to conform to the FIA Group 5 regulations that were in force for sports cars from 1969 to 1971.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

Unlike Porsche who supplied four different independently funded teams with 917’s that had factory backing creating a competitive inter marque rivalry, Ferrari ran its main effort from the factory and gave little or no support to the customer teams like Scuderia Brescia Corse which originally ran chassis #1024 seen here.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

Power for the 512 Group 5 racing cars came from a 560 hp 60º V12 displacing 4993 cc / 304.6 cui with 4 valves per cylinder.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

The sound of this vehicle in the enclosed confines of the garage is well beyond expletive awesome, pure magic IMHO.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

The M specs rear bodywork was clearly influenced by the work JW Automotive had done on the rear of the Porsche 917 for the 1970 season.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

The most frequent driver of this Scuderia Brescia Corse vehicle in World Sports Car and Interserie (a European Version of Can Am) championships raced under the pseudonym ‘PAM’.

Thanks to REDARMYSOJA aka Robby Stockman at The Nostalgia Forum, we know the identity of ‘PAM’ was Marsilio Pasotti who raced a variety of vehicles including Fiat Abarths and a Ferrari 206 from at least 1962 to 1977.

It transpires that ‘PAM‘ won his class in the Italian and European Touring car championships in the 1960’s and took four outright victories on the Malegno-Borno hillclimb.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

The steel chassis already heavier than the alloy chassis Porsche 917, combined with the weight disadvantage of the 512’s cooling system over the air cooled 917 meant the 512 was 100 kg / 220 lbs heavier than the Porsche which thanks to it’s flat 12 engine layout also had a significant handling advantage because of it’s lower centre of gravity.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

The 512 was relatively outclassed by the 917 in results, though ‘PAM’ did win the Malegno-Borno hillclimb with the vehicle pictured.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

In 1970 the 512 was driven to victories at Sebring and Kyalami but none in the World Sports Car Championship during 1971.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

This vehicle was completely restored in 2001 and sold to an American collector in May 2008. Nick Mason also owns a 512 in the older 1970 ‘S’ guise.

Ferrari 512M, Silverstone Classic PD

This car should be out racing during the forth coming Silverstone Classic weekend, with luck I might just see and hear it in action.

My thanks to everyone at FerrariChat and The Nostalgia Forum for their help identifying the real identities of the car and original driver ‘PAM’.

Thanks for popping by for Ferrari Friday at ‘Gettin’ a lil’ psycho on tyres’ I hope you’ll join me again when I’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of my first trip to Le Mans. Don’t forget to come back now !