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Porsche Odds and Ends – GALPOT Automobilia

Last week I came across some Porsche related Automobilia taken from a couple of MotorSport Magazines dated from 1968 to 1976 which are now for sale on my lightpress e-bay page.

Porsche 911T, MotorSport Front Cover

This April 1968 front cover of MotorSport magazine features an image depicting Pauli Toivonen and Marti Tiukkanen driving a Porsche 911T to victory on the 1968 San Remo Rally. In 1968 Pauli won five rallies driving a Porsche 911T on route to winning the 1968 European Rally Championship.

Porsche 911 Models, Motorsport

In the same April 1968 issue I found this article/infomercial about Porsche 911 Models offered by the factory to the UK market, it lists prices for the; 912 Coupé, 911T Coupé, 911L Coupé and 911S, Coupé, Sportmatic transmission option for all 911 models. Mention is made of the competition 911R which was built to special order only without any price being mentioned.

Porsche 911 Models, Motorsport

By 1970 MotorSport photographer and correspondent Micheal “MJT” Tee had clocked up 50,000 miles in his 911, the first to enter the UK fitted with Weber carburetors as standard. MJT concluded the 2 page report seen above with the words “the best”.

Autofarm, Motorsport

Finally by 1976 some Porsche 911’s were getting on for 13 years old which led well led club racers and Autofarm founders Josh Sadler and Steve Carr to accidentally uncovering a huge market for after market parts and servicing for customers who could not afford official Porsche dealer parts and labour rates. The article above written by MotorSport journalist “C.R.” out lining Autofarm’s expertise was published in January 1976.

Thanks for joining me on this Porsche Odds and Ends edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I’ll be recounting tales from the last meeting of the season run at Castle Combe earlier this month. Don’t forget to come back now.