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Guaranteed 80mph – Chrysler Imperial 80

A year after founding Chrysler in 1925 and launching the first Chrysler cars Walter P Chrysler moved into the prestige segment of the automobile market occupied by Cadillac and Lincoln.

02 Chrysler Imperial 80_0192sc

The Chrysler Imperial 80 was first shown at the 1926 New York Show, the 80 signifying that the car was guaranteed to reach 80 mph.

Chrysler Imperial 80, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

To meet the guaranteed top speed the Imperial was fitted with a 4.7 litre / 288 cui straight 6 which produced 92 horsepower, enough to propel the car from rest to 60 mph in less than 20 seconds with a gearbox that featured only 3 forward speeds.

Chrysler Imperial 80, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

The first generation Imperial was offered with a variety of bodies that included; roadster with rumble seat, four-seat coupé, five-passenger sedan or phaeton, and a seven-passenger limousine.

Chrysler Imperial 80, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Motor cycle racer and later publisher Floyd Clymer drove a Chrysler Imperial 80 in 1926 from Denver to Kansas in just under 14 hours to average just over 51 mph over 700 miles, astonishing given that only 200 miles of the route was on paved roads.

Chrysler Imperial 80, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

The first generation Chrysler Imperial remained in production until 1930 by which time a four speed transmission was available.

Chrysler Imperial 80, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

The Imperial 80 Roadster seen in these photo’s taken at last years Classic Run in Chipping Sodbury was first registered in the UK on the 23rd of October 1926.

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Classic Run – Chipping Sodbury

Today’s visit to Chipping Sodbury looks at a selection of the British vehicles taking part in the Classic Run.

Hillman Super Imp, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

My friend Spence, who was the navigator in this 1972 Hillman Super Imp, advised me the event was happening.

Bristol 405, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

The unadulterated Chipping Sodbury sunshine really set off the metallic Green paint work on this 1955 Bristol 405.

Daimler Sovereign 4.2, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Motorsport in this country would come to a stand still without volunteer marshals and one of the most avid I have come across is called Mark Benstock, who most weekends can be found marshaling at a sprint or rally almost anywhere in the UK. During a rare weekend off he took his 1976 Daimler Sovereign 4.2 for a spin on a busman’s holiday as travelling marshal for the event.

Jaguar XJS Le Mans, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

To celebrate the Le Mans Victories in 1988 of the Tom Walkinshaw Racing Jaguars in 1988 and 1990 JaguarSport produced a limited edition of 280 ‘Celebration Le Mans’ models, like the one above, with US spec round head lights, upgraded V12 motor and suspension along with an id plate on the door tread showing the model number. Coincidentally this car is up for sale on e-bay, usual disclaimers apply.

Rolls Royce Corniche Silver Spirit II, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

When I arrived at Chipping Sodbury a call went out on the tanoy for a volunteer to take a ride in this 1989 Rolls Royce Corniche Silver Spirit II, unfortunately I had prior commitments but if I go again I’ll make sure I have the afternoon free.

Austin Allegro, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Wrapping up the event on the road was this delightful 1982 Austin Allegro 3 HL, a design that was hampered by some early 1970’s in house dogma that dictated it should not be available as a hatchback. The Allegro 3 was replaced in 1983 with the Austin Maestro hatchback.

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Exécuter Classique – Chipping Sodbury

This weeks French themed blog returns to Chipping Sodbury for a look at some of the cars from our the land of our closest neighbours.

Donnet G2 Torpedo Lux, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Donnet is not a manufacturer I recall coming accross before by 1927 the company was based in Paris and this is a 1927 G2 Torpedo Lux model that on the evidence of the tax discs on display was imported new into the UK.

Renault 4cv, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

The occupants of this 1953 750 cc / 41.5 cui “La Motte de beurre” Renault 4cv got right into the spirit of their cars cultural heritage and dressed in stripey Bretton shirts and bore strings of garlic.

Citroën Dyane, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Launched in 1967 to replace the Citroën 2CV which dated back to 1948, the production of nearly one and a half million Citroën Dyanes came to a stop in 1983, while production of the 2CV carried on until 1990. The Dyane 6 seen here was built in 1979.

Citroën CX Gti Turbo, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

The Citroën CX was launched in 1974 and the following year it was voted European Car of the Year. This is a range topping Gti Turbo model built in 1985, six years before production of nearly 1.2 million CXs came to a halt.

Citroën 2CV6, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Described by one esteemed journalist as “ruthlessly practical”, for me an ex multiple Citroën 2CV6 owner, they never fail bring a smile to my face when ever I them. Back in the day whenever I was on holiday in France I made a point of spending at least one afternoon in a scrap yard looking for 1960’s 2CV aluminium grills of the type seen on this 1987 example, if I could find enough of them in an afternoon the profit would usually cover my petrol costs for the whole journey.

Citroën DS20, Classic Run, Chipping Sodbury

Voted third in the 1999 Classic & Sports Car ‘Car of the Century’ pole the Citroën DS went into production in 1955 and came to an end 1.5 million units later in 1975.

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Classic Run Americana – Chipping Sodbury

Just over a week ago a friend mentioned he was taking part in the Chipping Sodbury Classic (Car) Run and I thought it would be fun to pop over to see what was happening.

Chrysler 77 Royale Coupé, Classic Run Chipping Sodbury

There were a trio of Chryslers taking part two late twenties, E80 convertibles and this 1930 77 Royale Coupé a vehicle spold on it’s superior engineering which included standard “weatherproof hydraulics” for the braking system and came in without extra’s at $1725.

Oldsmobile Saloon, Classic Run Chipping Sodbury

By 1937 US cars were displaying a good deal more Art Deco style than they had been just seven years earlier, an Oldsmobile Six also known as as an F37 and also “The Four Door Touring Sedan, a vehicle in US culture by the 1983 low budget made for TV production of “A Christmas Story” which was declared to be “culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant” by the U.S. Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

Hudson Commodore 8, Classic Run Chipping Sodbury

In 1942 Hudson was ordered to stop making vehicles for civilian use in order to contribute to the war effort. On the 30th of August 1945 Hudson resumed civilian vehicle manufacture with the mildly face lifted Hudson Commodore 8 at the top of it’s range. The convertible seen above is a 1947 model which was replaced by a completely new design in 1948.

Ford F100, Classic Run Chipping Sodbury

Inspired by the F-100 Super Sabre Jet fighter Ford changed the name of it’s second generation F Series pickup from F1 to F100, the example above was built in 1955 and is powered by a 4.7 litre 286 cui motor.

Ford Mustang, Classic Run Chipping Sodbury

Today’s tenuous link brings together the Hudson Commodore 8 convertible and the Ford Mustang. One of the team who contributed to the design of the pre war Hudson Commodore 8 was Elizabeth Ann Thatcher who left Hudson in 1941 when she married Cadillac designer Joe Oros who went on to become head of the design team at Ford that created the Mustang. The example seen above is a second generation model built in ’67.

Pontiac GTO Convertible, Classic Run Chipping Sodbury

Today’s final featured vehicle is a 1972 Pontiac Le Mans sport convertible with a GTO options including a rare spoiler on the boot / trunk lid. The reason the spoiler is rare is because soon after production of the accessory started the mould broke and the item was subsequently deleted from the options list.

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