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Delicious And Wholesome – Ice Cream Vans

With the summer holiday season still in full swing, at least in the UK, I thought I’d focus today’s post on Ice Cream vans.

Bedford CF, Arnolfini, Bristol,

The first time I remember taking a photo of an ice cream van was in 2005 when I was collecting images that might make interesting subjects for poems, the reflected image of a Bedford CF Ice Cream Van standing in front of the Arnolfini in Bristol above never did get used for a poem, but ever since I have kept half an eye out for these bearers of Delicious Wholesome products.

Morris J-Type, Silverstone Classic,

The oldest Ice Cream van I have in my files is this 1949 J-Type Morris seen above early in the morning at last years Silverstone Classic.

Volkswagen Type 2, Volksfest, Easter Compton,

Earlier this year at Volksfest in Easter Compton I couldn’t resist buying a single scoop of Marshfield Farms finest from The Split Screen Ice Cream Company who claim to be operating the oldest Volkswagen Ice Cream Van in the country in the form of the 2012 British Street Food Award winning 1964 Type 2 seen above.

Citroën HY, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol,

Seen in another early morning photo is this 1968 Citroën HY, belonging to Ice Cream Events, which in an ironically, one couldn’t make this up, used to be operated by French Fire Fighting Services before being imported to the UK in 2011.

Ford Transit, Castle Combe

Since at least the late 1960’s, when they first came into my regular summer experience, Ice Cream vans in the UK have often had Disney characters painted on them, above Mel’s Super Whippy Ford Transit is covered in characters from the animation Cars and was appropriately seen at Castle Combe race circuit a few years ago.

Ford Transit, Porsche Curves, Le Mans,

The further traveled, but more modestly decorated 1995 Transit 150 above is seen on the banking of the Porsche Curves at Le Mans, France, during the 24 Hour race around 05:24 am !

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 311, Bristol,

It would appear that while Bedford CF Ice Cream vans are disappearing they are being replaced by Mercedes Benz Sprinters like the 2000 311 example operated by Carmelo & Sons seen above in Clifton, Bristol.

Thanks for joining me on this “Delicious And Wholesome” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow when I’ll be looking at Lord Hesketh’s all new 1975 Formula One Challenger. Don’t forget to come back now !


Cream Crackers – MG PA

Today’s fetured MG PA was bought in 1934 by J Maurice Toulmin a well known competitor in an earlier MG J2 model.

MG PA, Race Retro

Six weeks after purchasing the car he won a gold medal in the Lands End Trial, further awards included a class win at Craigantlet Hill Climb and a race win at Brooklands. TJ 5000 was then returned to the MG factory to be striped of “unnecessary” items in preparation for the Exeter Trial where Toulmin again won a gold award for completing the course.

MG PA, Race Retro

Toulmin returned the car to MG for further modifications for a second time and persuaded MG to lend his car and two others some support for the 1935 season. The cars were painted in the MG works cream and brown colours, for the team was known as Cream Crackers. With a supercharger fitted Cream Crackers I seen here won it’s class again at the Craigantlet Hill Climb and the team finished second in the 1935 Trials Championship. Toulmin sold the car after winning his class again at Craigantlet.

MG PA, Race Retro

Bob Williams is credited with saving the car from abandonment in Wales and after restoring it competed in sprints and hillclimbs during the 1980’s up until his death in the early 1990’s. Toulmin’s younger son Jonathon, who had by now also shared driving the car at Craigantlet in 1984 for it’s 50th anniversary run, bought the car from Bob Williams widow on the 60th anniversary of it’s purchase from the factory.

MG PA, Race Retro

Jonathon entered the car for the 60th Anniversary of its first appearance in the Lands End Trail with five other former Cream Crackers Team cars also taking part making two teams of three. All six cars finished the 400 mile Lands End Trial, winning awards, with this car driven by Jonathon winning another gold for a penalty free result.

Thanks for joining me on this “Cream Crackers” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !