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Four Cylinder Zenith – Plymouth PB Sports Roadster

Six months before production of the Plymouth PA came to an end production of the PB commenced on February 4th 1932.

Plymouth PB, California,

The PB would be the last 4 cylinder model using the same 196 cui / 3.2 litre 4 cylinder motor inherited from both the PA and earlier U series Plymouths, though now with oil filters fitted as standard equipment.

Plymouth PB, California,

The 109″ chassis was the same wheel base as the PA and U series to but with X pattern cross bars for additional chassis rigidity.

Plymouth PB, California,

The hydraulic brakes were also upgraded to a centrifuse type featuring steel drums with fused cast iron friction surfaces.

It is believed that 2,163 PB Convertible Coupés were built like the example seen here in a California car park, though they were only available new from the factory painted; Black with either Black or Casino Red mouldings, Limousine Blue No. 4, Uhlan Gray, Merrimac Beige, or Biscay Sand, bodies, the 4 cylinder PB’s would be replaced by 6 cylinder PC’s and PD’s in 1933.

My thanks to Geoffrey Horton for sharing his photographs.

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Sechzehnzylinder Monster – Porsche 917 PA #917-027

With few entrants ready, willing and or able to compete in the 3 litre / 183 cui prototype sports car class in April 1968 the governing CSI reduced the production numbers mandated to compete in the 5 litre / 302 cui sport category from 50 to 25.

With this change in regulations Porsche saw an opportunity to build a 917 Coupé powered by a Type 912 12 cylinder motor that would give it a shot at winning the 1970 Le Mans 24 Hour race.

Porsche 917 PA, Goodwood Festival of Speed

An unforeseen benefit of the Porsche 917 Le Mans programme arose when Porsche decided to have a crack at the North American Can Am series for unlimited sports cars in mid 1969.

For it’s first attempt at the Can Am series Porsche built two 917 PA spiders one of which would enter the fray midway through the 1969 Can Am series driven by Jo Siffert.

Porsche 917 PA, Goodwood Festival of Speed

Today’s featured car chassis #917-027 was the first of the two chassis and it was retained at the Porsche factory for development purposes.

It soon became apparent that the 917 PA was too heavy and not developing enough horsepower to compete with the dominant McLaren’s driven by Peter Revson and Denny Hulme so Porsche looked at two ways of getting more horsepower from the type 912 flat 12 motor they had developed originally to tackle Le Mans.

Porsche 917 PA, Goodwood Festival of Speed

One was to turbocharge the existing engine and the other was to add 2 additional cylinders to either end of the 912 flat twelve whose cam shafts were centrally driven.

After testing the 840hp 6.700 litre / 408.9 cui sixteen cylinder car Mark Donohue described it as a monster which in turbocharged form might have produced 2000hp.

Porsche 917 PA, Goodwood Festival of Speed

However the engineers at Weissach came to the conclusion that the 1000hp and more available from the turbocharged 12 cylinder motor would be more than sufficient to do the job, and so it proved.

George Follmer captured the 1972 Can Am title driving Roger Penske’s L&M Porsche 917/10 after Penske’s No 1 driver Mark Donohue was injured and had to miss 5 rounds of the nine race series.

Porsche 917 PA, Goodwood Festival of Speed

Mark Donohue followed that up in 1973 by capturing the title in Roger Penske’s Sunoco Porsche 917/30.

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Floating Power – Plymouth PA Rumble Seat Sport Roadster

In July 1931 Chrysler announced a new Plymouth model for 1932 the PA which apart from dimensions like the 109″ wheel base and 196 cui 4 cylinder motor size shared little with the Model U which it replaced.

Plymouth PA, California,

Despite being Chryslers budget brand the PA model featured a flying lady sculpture adorning the radiator, the item was designed by Herbert V. Henderson and manufactured exclusively for Plymouth by the Jarvis Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Plymouth PA, California,

One significant difference between the Model U and PA was the “Floating Power” mountings for the latter which were developed by Owen Skelton to minimise the inherent vibrations caused by a 4 cylinder motor. Owen found that by using rubber and affixing the mountings along the motors center of gravity axis which slopes from front to rear he could significantly improve the comfort for occupants of a vehicle.

Plymouth PA, California,

Within months of being patented Floating Power was adopted by all Plymouth and Chrysler models and would remain a feature of MOPAR vehicles over the next 28 years.

Plymouth PA, California,

Production of the PA came to an end in July 1932 with 106,896 examples including a variety of 2 and 4 seat body styles.

Plymouth PA, California,

Floating Power and a commitment by former Ford employee, now head of the Plymouth brand Fred L. Rockelman to give his customers more car for their money helped Plymouth reach No:3 in the sales charts replacing Buick in 1931, a position it would only relinquish in 1954 when Buick recaptured 3rd spot.

My thanks to Geoffrey Horton for sharing these photographs, of a 1931 rumble seat “sport” roadster,which he took in a California car park in 2012.

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Parts Bin Racer – MG Q-Type Replica

One of the cars that attracted my attention at the very first Avenue Drivers Club meeting I attended in April last year was today’s featured MG. I had no idea which model it was and it took me until this January to finally catch up with the owner who kindly told me that “it’s a replica, look up Q-type”.

MG Q Type Replica, Avenue Drivers Club, Queen Square, Bristol

It turns out that in 1934 MG produced 8 or 9 Q-Type racing cars.

MG Q Type Replica, Avenue Drivers Club, Queen Square, Bristol

The chassis were based on that of the MG K3 frame but narrower.

MG Q Type Replica, Avenue Drivers Club, Queen Square, Bristol

While the standard 113 hp overhead cam supercharged motors used MG PA blocks with crankshafts that reduced the swept volume of the cylinders to 746cc / 45.5 cui. A 149 hp sprint version of the motor was also available that had the highest specific out put per litre (just under 200 hp) in the world at that time.

MG Q Type Replica, Avenue Drivers Club, Queen Square, Bristol

Rigid MG N-Type axles, which had some difficulty coping with the power, were fitted to the Q-types.

MG Q Type Replica, Avenue Drivers Club, Queen Square, Bristol

In single seater form George Harvey-Nobel lapped Brooklands at 122 mph in his Q-Type while a two seater achieved 120 mph on the same circuit.

MG Q Type Replica, Avenue Drivers Club, Queen Square, Bristol

The replica Q-Type seen here uses a 1936 chassis and a more recent engine, it was originally intended that the owners wife should race the car but it took a little longer to complete than anticipated.

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Aim Sure The Prequel – MG PA Supercharged Sports #P 0522

A couple of months ago Suzanne posted a response to last years “Aim Sure” blog about an MG PA that belonged to renowned combat Pilot Len Miller for 59 years from 1943 until his death in 2002.

MG PA, Purfleet, Essex

It turns out that Suzanne her Dad, her brother Paul and Trevor all new Mr Miller through Trevor’s TJK Repairs where he had the car restored after it was damaged in England’s great storm on the night of October 1987.

MG PA, Purfleet, Essex

Suzanne’s Father and brother Paul had carried out a restoration of Mr Miller’s PA prior to that.

MG PA, Essex

After that first restoration Mr Miller lent Paul the MG PA for Paul’s wedding in 1985.

MG PA, TJK Repairs, Purfleet, Essex

On the 15 of October 1987 Mr Miller had his MG booked in at TJK Repairs for some minor paint repairs, but got delayed at his factory and ended up keeping his pride and joy in the in his warehouse overnight.

MG PA, TJK Repairs, Purfleet, Essex

On the morning of the 16th of October Mr Miller returned to his factory to find a warehouse roof beam had collapsed overnight on to his MG PA.

MG PA, Race Retro

TJK Repairs under took a second restoration of Len’s car which included replacing the cracked engine block, to which later Len had a side mounted Arnott supercharger fitted. Lens restored car seen above at Auction in 2012 and can be seen in my “Aim Sure” – MG PA blog linked here.

My Thanks to Suzanne Fogg, Paul Lockyer and Trevor Kirk of T.J.K. REPAIRS for sharing their photo’s and prequel story for today’s blog. Suzanne informs me TJK Repairs no longer does body repairs but continues to offer customers car and light commercial servicing alongside MOT testing services. TJK Repairs can be contacted at UNIT 3A, TANK HILL ROAD, PURFLEET, ESSEX, RM19 1SX or by phone on 01708 861810.

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PS Congratulations to Johnny Martinez who won a trophy for his ’29 Ford Pick Up at the Grand National Roadster Show on Monday, John would also like to thank every one who has voted for him in the Cool Rides Online ® pole at goldeagle.com.

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Goodwood Revival 2012 – #2 MGs

Given that I have been blogging about MG’s most Tuesdays since at least January I don’t suppose it is that surprising that I noticed so many MG’s at Goodwood at the weekend. Here is a cross section of what I saw in the classic car park and a couple from the race track.

MG K3, Goodwood Revival

Oldest of the MG’s I saw was probably this 1933 MG K3 driven by Howard Maguire, it was in fact one one of two that appeared during practice for the Brookland’s Trophy on Friday.

MG PA, Goodwood Revival

What looks like an MG J2, above, with its cycle type mudguards, turns out to be a 1934 MG PA which is still used in competition.

MG PB, Goodwood Revival

The easiest way to externally differentiate an MG PA from an MG PB are the vertical slats of the PB’s grill which can be clearly seen on the 1936 PB seen above. The PB also has a 950 cc motor against the 847cc of the PA.

MG VA, Goodwood Revival

Like the MG PB the MG VA has not appeared in a GALPOT blog before, but will appear in the coming weeks so I’ll spare any further details until then.

MG TC, Goodwood Revival

I don’t have a year for the MG TC above but it was built somewhere between 1945 and 1950 being the first MG model to go into production after World War II.

MG TD, Goodwood Revival

From 1950 to 1953 the MG TC was replaced by the MG TD, like the 1950 example above, which used much of the running gear of the TC but the chassis and suspension from the MG Y-Type Saloon / Sedan.

MG ZA Magnette, Goodwood Revival

Rupert Keegan and Julian Thurgood shared this MG ZA Magnette for the St Mary’s trophy races. For some reason it is incorrectly described in the programme as a Mk 3 Magnette Farina with a 1840 cc motor.

MG A, Goodwood Revival

Identifying the the vehicle above I have noticed a major error in my MG A 1600 Mk II blog, the photo’s I used were all of an MG A 1600 without the distinctive lower grill seen on the MG 1600 Mk II above. This error has now been corrected. The car seen above comes from The Netherlands and I have been unable to identify the year of manufacture which will have been between 1960 and 1962.

MG Midget, Goodwood Revival

Surprisingly this is the first non fedral spec Midget I have come across since I started collecting photo’s for ‘Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres’ the example above was built in 1965.

MG B V8 Roadster, Goodwood Revival

Rounding out this review of MG’s at Goodwood is this 1967 MG B Roadster which has been retrospectively fitted with a Rover V8 motor that was only made available from the factory with the MG B GT Coupé body between 1973 and 1976.

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Cream Crackers – MG PA

Today’s fetured MG PA was bought in 1934 by J Maurice Toulmin a well known competitor in an earlier MG J2 model.

MG PA, Race Retro

Six weeks after purchasing the car he won a gold medal in the Lands End Trial, further awards included a class win at Craigantlet Hill Climb and a race win at Brooklands. TJ 5000 was then returned to the MG factory to be striped of “unnecessary” items in preparation for the Exeter Trial where Toulmin again won a gold award for completing the course.

MG PA, Race Retro

Toulmin returned the car to MG for further modifications for a second time and persuaded MG to lend his car and two others some support for the 1935 season. The cars were painted in the MG works cream and brown colours, for the team was known as Cream Crackers. With a supercharger fitted Cream Crackers I seen here won it’s class again at the Craigantlet Hill Climb and the team finished second in the 1935 Trials Championship. Toulmin sold the car after winning his class again at Craigantlet.

MG PA, Race Retro

Bob Williams is credited with saving the car from abandonment in Wales and after restoring it competed in sprints and hillclimbs during the 1980’s up until his death in the early 1990’s. Toulmin’s younger son Jonathon, who had by now also shared driving the car at Craigantlet in 1984 for it’s 50th anniversary run, bought the car from Bob Williams widow on the 60th anniversary of it’s purchase from the factory.

MG PA, Race Retro

Jonathon entered the car for the 60th Anniversary of its first appearance in the Lands End Trail with five other former Cream Crackers Team cars also taking part making two teams of three. All six cars finished the 400 mile Lands End Trial, winning awards, with this car driven by Jonathon winning another gold for a penalty free result.

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