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More Porsche Odds & Ends – GALPOT Automobilia

This weeks GALPOT Automobilia blog features some more Porsche related ads and articles from MotorSport magazine dated 1970 to 1978 which are currently for auction on my lightpress e-bay page.

1970 Monte Carlo Rally, 2 page spread MotorSport Magazine

Bjorn Waldegård and Lars Helmer driving a Porsche 911S won the 1970 Monte Carlo Rally for the second time in a row and Porsche for the third consecutive time. The two page tearout from MotorSport March 1970 above shows the winning Porsche, third placed Alpine Renault, two surviving Lancia Fulvia’s and the 5th place Ford Escort Twin Cam.

1974 East African Safari Rally, 1 page tearout, MotorSport Magazine

Bjorn Waldegård and Hans Thorszelius were on target to win the 1974 East African Safari Rally in their yellow Porsche Carrera bottom, until repairs to their rear suspension dropped them to second behind the Mitsubishi Lancer of Joginder Singh and David Doig seen in the top photo of this single page tearout of the event taken from MotorSport June 1974.

Pirelli P7, Martini Porsche Turbo Ad MotorSport May 1978

The May 1978 edition of MotorSport contained several Porsche related items including this Pirelli P7 tyre ad featuring a Martini striped Porsche 930 Turbo road car.

Porsche 911 SC Targa ad, MotorSport Magazine 1978

In the same issue I found this ad for a 180hp Porsche 911 SC Targa, prices for the Porsche 911 SC range back then started at just £12,600 pounds a number which these days might just get you a Volkswagen.

Porsche 911 SC Sport, article MotorSport Magazine, May 1978

Finally the May 1978 issue of MotorSport Magazine carried this three side Porsche 911 SC Sport road test, one of the pictures show’s the car parked on an unbelievably empty Westminster Bridge in front of Big Ben showing nearly 13:50 and without a single tourist in sight ! The test concluded “Potential customers can make up their own minds, if they are prepared to join the queue !

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