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Prinz Heinrich – Austro Daimler 85hp

Nine years after Eduard Bierenz was appointed Daimler’s representative in Austria the Austrian Daimler Engine Society was founded to assemble cars with parts from Stuttgart on the site of Eduard Fischer’s engineering works located at Wiener-Neustadt, a course of action which made Daimler the world’s first automotive multinational.

Austro Daimler Prince Henry, Goodwood, Festival of Speed,

From 1902 to 1905 Gottlieb Daimlers son Paul was in charge of the technical department which was devising new models including an 8hp compact vehicle and 30 hp armoured vehicle, after Paul was recalled to Germany to take over the position left by Wilhelm Maybach. Ferdinand Porsche became the technical director at Daimler’s Austrian subsiduary.

Austro Daimler Prince Henry, Goodwood, Festival of Speed,

Under Porsche’s guidance the subsidiary was rebranded Austro Daimler in 1906 and by 1909 had become financially separated from it’s parents involvement.

Austro Daimler Prince Henry, Goodwood, Festival of Speed,

In 1910 the Porsche designed Austro Daimler 22/86 hp gained the attention of the press when Ferdinand drove one to win the prestigious Prinz Heinrich Trails ahead of team mate Eduard Fischer and the example driven by Count Heinrich Schoenfeld that was privately entered by Austrian Fritz Hamburger.

Austro Daimler Prince Henry, Goodwood, Festival of Speed,

The three Prinz Heinrich team cars were built on a chassis as used on Austro Daimlers 1909 Prinz Heinrich Trial attempt although built a little narrower than the standard 22/86 model, while the motor was an all new 5715cc / 4 cylinder design with shaft driven overhead cam for the inclined valves that sat in a hemi head.

Neumann and Neander were responsible for the slippery body which with the 86hp motor and fastest gearing could be powered up to 88 mph, the example seen here at Goodwood Festival of Speed is owned by Ferdinand Porsche’s ancestors the Piëch family.

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