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The Power Of Dreams – Guglielmi Motorsport Lotus Exige

The Lotus Exige Series 1 coupé was launched in 2000, curiously just as production of the Lotus Elise Series 1 soft top on which it was based was about to be phased out in favour of the sharper styled Elise Series 2.

Guglielmi Motorsport, Lotus Exige, Britcar, Castle Combe

Like the Elise the Exige was powered by a Rover K series motor which all though not particularly powerful was enough to turn the lightweight Elise into a performance car with particular appeal to those who enjoy track days.

Guglielmi Motorsport, Lotus Exige, Britcar, Castle Combe

Today’s featured Exige was prepared by Guglielmi Motorsport who’s proprietor Steve Guglielmi was the 2001/2 double TVR Tuscan Challenge Champion. The Guglielmi Motorsport website suggests Steve retired from racing, although not from all competition, as of 2002 when he set up his Guglielmi Motorsport business to prepare road & track vehicles.

Ginetta G50, Lotus Exige, Britcar, Castle Combe

In 2011 Steve prepared this Exige which he shares with Jeff Mileman for the Britcar series. Above the #58 Guglielmi Exige is seen passing the #60 Ginetta G50 G4 coming out of Old Paddock Bend during the 2 hour Britcar race held at Castle Combe in 2011.

Mileham, Guglielmi, Lotus Exige, Britcar, Castle Combe

The #58 built is around an Elise 135R chassis with 220 hp Honda K 20 Civic Type R motor, which has since been upgraded to produce 250 hp and a Series 1 Exige body.

Mosler MT900 R, Lotus Exige, Britcar, Castle Combe

Steve plans to compete in this years Lotus Cup UK series this season, still sharing the Guglielmi Motorsport Lotus Exige with John Mileham, with whom he came 4th Overall and 1st Open Class in the opening round at Snetterton in April.

My thanks to Steve Guglielmi for sharing the details about his car.

Thanks for joining me on this “Power Of Dreams” edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres” I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !