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Worlds Best Midget – MG Midget 1500

Regular readers will remember previous blogs on Mr Len Millers MG PA and it’s earlier restoration with storm damage repairs by TJK Repairs in Purfleet in Essex. Today’s featured Federal Spec MG Midget 1500 belongs to Trevor Kirk the proprietor of TJK Repairs and the story of his car was kindly past on by Suzanne Fogg who also works at TJK Repairs.

MG Midget 1500, Essex

His 1976 Midget is seen above in 1995 after Trevor had spent 10 years bringing it up to scratch. After taking it on the Regency Run in 1996 and on a few other events Trevor parked the Midget up in his garden in 2001 and let his MG Owners Club membership lapse.

MG Midget 1500, Essex

Over the next five years the car remained in Trevor’s garden getting covered in moss and filling up with water. In February 2006 Trevor decided he wanted to take his Midget on the Regency Run 12 weeks later and so began a second restoration which required draining out all the water, replacing the bonnet / hood and a new differential.

MG Midget 1500, Essex

The interior had to be completely stripped out all the interior trim, panels, and both seats were cleaned by Suzanne while the car had second bare metal respray in a slightly lighter shade of green. At 6:30 on the morning of the Regency Run from Brooklands to Brighton his car was ready and Trevor completed the run as seen in the photo below.

MG Midget 1500, Regency Run Brighton

In 2010 Treveor changed the gearbox and revamped the motor which can be seen in revamped condition in the second photo above.

MG Midget 1500, International Midget 50, Burghley House

In June 2011 Trevor took his Midget to the International Midget 50 celebration at Burghley House where it weather was so bad he spent almost the entire day inside Burghley House. As Trevor was about to leave a steward flagged him down and asked Trevor to make himself known at the event organisers marquee.

MG Midget 1500, Regency Run, Epsom

When he did so Trevor was surprised to learn his car had not only been voted best in class but also having attracted more votes than each of the 800 other cars put together easily won the best car of the event.

My thanks to Suzanne Fogg and Trevor Kirk of TJK Repairs UNIT 3A, TANK HILL ROAD, PURFLEET, ESSEX, RM19 1SX for sharing the story and photo’s of Trevor’s Midget, TJK Repairs offer customers car and light commercial servicing alongside MOT testing services and can be contacted on 01708 861810.

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Aim Sure The Prequel – MG PA Supercharged Sports #P 0522

A couple of months ago Suzanne posted a response to last years “Aim Sure” blog about an MG PA that belonged to renowned combat Pilot Len Miller for 59 years from 1943 until his death in 2002.

MG PA, Purfleet, Essex

It turns out that Suzanne her Dad, her brother Paul and Trevor all new Mr Miller through Trevor’s TJK Repairs where he had the car restored after it was damaged in England’s great storm on the night of October 1987.

MG PA, Purfleet, Essex

Suzanne’s Father and brother Paul had carried out a restoration of Mr Miller’s PA prior to that.

MG PA, Essex

After that first restoration Mr Miller lent Paul the MG PA for Paul’s wedding in 1985.

MG PA, TJK Repairs, Purfleet, Essex

On the 15 of October 1987 Mr Miller had his MG booked in at TJK Repairs for some minor paint repairs, but got delayed at his factory and ended up keeping his pride and joy in the in his warehouse overnight.

MG PA, TJK Repairs, Purfleet, Essex

On the morning of the 16th of October Mr Miller returned to his factory to find a warehouse roof beam had collapsed overnight on to his MG PA.

MG PA, Race Retro

TJK Repairs under took a second restoration of Len’s car which included replacing the cracked engine block, to which later Len had a side mounted Arnott supercharger fitted. Lens restored car seen above at Auction in 2012 and can be seen in my “Aim Sure” – MG PA blog linked here.

My Thanks to Suzanne Fogg, Paul Lockyer and Trevor Kirk of T.J.K. REPAIRS for sharing their photo’s and prequel story for today’s blog. Suzanne informs me TJK Repairs no longer does body repairs but continues to offer customers car and light commercial servicing alongside MOT testing services. TJK Repairs can be contacted at UNIT 3A, TANK HILL ROAD, PURFLEET, ESSEX, RM19 1SX or by phone on 01708 861810.

Thanks for joining me on this ‘AIM Sure The Prequel’ edition of “Gettin’ a li’l psycho on tyres”, I hope you will join me again tomorrow. Don’t forget to come back now !

PS Congratulations to Johnny Martinez who won a trophy for his ’29 Ford Pick Up at the Grand National Roadster Show on Monday, John would also like to thank every one who has voted for him in the Cool Rides Online ® pole at goldeagle.com.

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