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Four Cylinder Zenith – Plymouth PB Sports Roadster

Six months before production of the Plymouth PA came to an end production of the PB commenced on February 4th 1932.

Plymouth PB, California,

The PB would be the last 4 cylinder model using the same 196 cui / 3.2 litre 4 cylinder motor inherited from both the PA and earlier U series Plymouths, though now with oil filters fitted as standard equipment.

Plymouth PB, California,

The 109″ chassis was the same wheel base as the PA and U series to but with X pattern cross bars for additional chassis rigidity.

Plymouth PB, California,

The hydraulic brakes were also upgraded to a centrifuse type featuring steel drums with fused cast iron friction surfaces.

It is believed that 2,163 PB Convertible Coupés were built like the example seen here in a California car park, though they were only available new from the factory painted; Black with either Black or Casino Red mouldings, Limousine Blue No. 4, Uhlan Gray, Merrimac Beige, or Biscay Sand, bodies, the 4 cylinder PB’s would be replaced by 6 cylinder PC’s and PD’s in 1933.

My thanks to Geoffrey Horton for sharing his photographs.

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